28 Sep 2019Little Dorrit - Part 2: Riches

My chapter by chapter summary of the second half of Charles Dickens' masterpiece: Little Dorrit.

16 Jan 2016Card Games

Over the years we've run across several fun card games taught to us by family, friends, and neighbors. However, it always seems that after a few months without playing, when we want to play again, we have to rack our brains to remember the rules. This page is a place where I will write down the rules to the various card games we learn as an easy reference for the future.

27 Jun 2012Using Android's C2DM (push)

Making sense of the C2DM architecture. Providing example code and simple steps every developer needs to get this working in their own apps.

03 Feb 2011Chuck Norris Jokes

Chuck Norris has somehow managed to achieve cult status among a large number of internet users. There is a growing list of "facts" surrounding Chuck, and this page is my attempt to document some of the more interesting ones.

If you've got a Chuck Norris fact you'd like to tell me about, click here to send me an email.

20 Dec 2010Android voice to text

I can never remember all the cool features with Android voice search / speech to text, so i've compiled a list from places i've found online.

16 Sep 2010Android devices

list of devices and resolutions and screen sizes for android to get emulators setup ... part of the fragmentation issue ...

04 Aug 2010C++ Tidbits

I have been a Java engineer for over a decade, and have recently found myself thrust back into the world of C++. I haven't really done C++ since college, so as you can imagine i'm a bit rusty. As I've been coming up to speed I thought it might be nice to have a place to jot down little things that i find interesting (or awful) about the language - from the viewpoint of a hardcore java developer.

01 Apr 2009RFC 1123 to epoch time

An algorithm to convert a date from RFC 1123 (or with slight modification any date string) into Unix epoch time.

01 Apr 2009Project Orion

Project Orion - a real life science fiction story.

25 Sep 2007Dragonchess

Dragonchess is a 3-D chess variant based on Dungeons and Dragons. It was created by the inventor of D&D Gary Gygax. After building a board, I began buying miniatures so that I could have my own game to play. It didn't take long before I was less interested in DragonChess and more interested in painting the miniatures.

22 Sep 2007How We Met

This is a gem that I found lying around on my old website back from the early 1990's. It's a short description of how Luann and I originally met and fell in love.

30 Jun 2006The limiting factor of scientific advancement

My thoughts on a major (one might say "THE") limiting factor of scientific advancement.

23 Jul 2005Dax the wonderdog

A tribute to Dax, the best dog we've ever had.

01 Feb 2005The Source Stone

First draft introduction for a fantasy novel.

01 Jan 2005Miniature Photography

Some pointers for taking good pictures of your miniatures.

01 Aug 2004Little Dorrit - Part 1: Poverty

My chapter by chapter summary of the first half of Charles Dickens' masterpiece: Little Dorrit.

01 Jun 2004The kobold on the chest

Write a 2-3 page short story on a Dwarf, Elf, Tiefling, and a Human meeting for the 1st time in a dungeon in a room with a single chest in it with a kobold sitting on the chest.