What is Star Trek Bingo?

I grew up watching reruns of the original series Star Trek. I loved it (and still do). Then a few years ago the SyFy channel did a 30th anniversary special where they showed each episode in order with commentaries by the actors. I couldn't watch them because of the time it was on (I was at work), but my loving wife recorded each and every episode for me (even going so far as to edit the commercials)! Well, as we began watching them together in the evenings, we couldn't help but poke fun at all the cliché sayings, fake-looking props and bad music that kept recurring. One day we decided to start writing them down, and soon the idea came to us: Let's make a game of it! Soon Star Trek bingo was born and the fun ensued each evening as we sat down to watch the adventures of the Enterprise crew unfold...

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