3d Catan - A
Jul. 2016
TODO: This will be the completed board all painted

These show how I create a piece. I use foam core (with the paper stripped off). And i cut out the shapes i want and glue them together. Once happy, I attach a sprue (a funnel for the aluminum to pour down), cover it in a thin layer of plaster and bury it in sand (with the top of the sprue exposed). Once the aluminum cools, i pull it out, sand it off, cut off the sprue, and have an aluminum cast of my piece.

ready to pour title=
after casting title=
poured, trimmed, and sanded title=

These are a few shots of the board, pre-painting. First is the core pieces for a 4 player game. Next are the same pieces, at an angle to show off the 3d aspect, and finally the entire board including the ports and water pieces, and the extra pieces: the jungle and the volcano.

the core pieces for a 4 player game title=

These are special "extra" pieces called "the jungle" and "the volcano", which can be used to special purposes in the game by swapping them in for another terrain tile.

The desert. Gwyneth thought it would be fun to add a cactus.

The farmland pieces - producers of gain

The hill pieces - producers of brick

The pasture pieces - producers of wool (notice the 'sheep'?) :)

The forest pieces - producers of lumber. The idea for this type of piece came from Ellie.

The mountain pieces - producers of ore. Luann says they look like little topographical maps. These are my favorite pieces.

The resource harbors, where you can trade 2-1 with the specified resource.

The generic harbors where you can trade 3-1 with any resource.

The water pieces. On the painted pieces, from front to back, left to right, we have:
  • tidal wave
  • ship
  • leviathan
  • desert island
  • sea serpent
  • giant pink sea snail (courtesy of Ellie - from Dr. Doolittle)
  • whirlpool
  • whale
  • group (shiver?) of sharks