Cavern Chess Pieces
Jun. 2008
These are the pieces for the cavern chess set. Thanks again to Luann for the great pictures. :)

White pieces all have a small checkerboard pattern somewhere on them, as well as a piece of orange. They favor blue and typically have new armor.

Black pieces all have a swirl pattern somewhere on them and tend to favor greens and purples. They also have a more rusted look to their armor.

The white pawns:

The black pawns:

The rooks were the first pieces I painted. They were also the first pieces I spotted when I was browsing for ideas on what to use for this chess set. I immediately knew as soon as i saw the one that there just had to be one for each type of chess piece. I just didn't know i'd have to buy four box sets (from France) to get enough pieces for a full set!

The knights have been fun and yet challenging. The hobby horses they're riding are very fragile and kept falling off. One of the knights got trampled by a bicycle and a 3 year old. Plus i've been quite busy and have had to take several months off in the meantime so it's going slowly right now. But, i present to you ... the knights of the chess cavern: