Gothic Chess Castle
Jun. 2005
Custom Built
This is the culmination of a several year project. I have been working on painting a set of miniatures for my father-in-law representing a chess set. I was never satisfied with using a regular chess board, and I just couldn't seem to come up with a good design on my own. Finally, the Hirst Arts website posted plans to build a gothic chess board. I was ecstatic.

Although the paint date says June 2005, this has actually been many months in the making. I have used the Hirst Arts castlemolds to create the structure. I had to cast about six different molds anywhere from twenty to forty times each to get enough bricks for the structure. At least I don't have to worry about the extra bricks - my kids were more than happy to take them off my hands! :)

After casting, which took about a month, I then began assembly, which took another month. Granted, I wasn't casting or assembling full-time, but it was still quite an undertaking. Finally the day for painting arrived. The painting actually took me about two months, and I did two miniatures in-between to break things up a bit.

It took me weeks of experimentation until I was happy with the marble effect. I'm quite pleased with the result, and hope that the intended recipient appreciates it as much as I enjoyed making it.