Chess Cavern
Oct. 2007
Custom Built
This is a project that I'm doing as a gift for someone. Three things came about to make this project happen. First, I had recently finished a chess board project for my father in law (link here) and was ready to move on to my next big project. Second, a new line of Hirst Arts cavern castlemolds just released that I was itchy to try out, and third, this project, along with the cavern castlemolds dovetails nicely with the "super secret" project that i'm working on. :)

The miniatures for the board are from Rackham's Confrontation line called "The Colony of Ephorath". I had to order four box sets (from France, no less, since I was unable to find anyone in the US who carried this particular box set anymore) in order to get enough pieces for the chess game. It was a bit pricey but definitely worth it. The pieces are beautifully sculpted, full of detail, and perfect for this project.

These are right after i assembled all of the pieces that will be used for the chess board:
(Click the thumbnail for a larger view.)

These show the board before it was assembled and glued, right after it was primed, and some of the accessory pieces.:
(Click the thumbnail for a larger view.)

These images show the board after it has been painted. There are closeups on the major features, as well as views of the overall chess board:
(Click the thumbnail for a larger view.)