Ghost Dragon
Sep. 2004
Ral Partha
When I saw this sitting on the store shelf back in 2000, I just had to have it. And then it sat on my shelf ... for about 4 years, until I felt comfortable enough with my painting skills to tackle it. It's one of Ral Partha's Dragons of the Month. The joints didn't fit very well and required some green stuff to fill in the holes. It also took a LOT of filing in tight spaces to get all the casting lines smoothed out, but in the end it's worth it.

At the time I purchased it I was planning to use it for my DragonChess game, but it's too big, and I could never find a counterpart that matched it. Finally I decided to just paint it for fun and see what happened. Of course, once I started it practically painted itself! I tried to give it a ghostly feel with a light blue palette. The mouth area had high gloss varnish painted on afterwards to give it a wet look. The base isn't yet completed; I'm working on a fitting diorama for such a great mini.

This image gives you a sense of the scale of this miniature. It's 3"x5"x6".