The Gorgon
Sep. 2005
This miniature was very fun to paint. I've yet to find a Rackham mini that I didn't like. This one was in two pieces and went together seamlessly. There were almost no flash lines to trim off, and the mini practically picked its own colors.

I tried to pay extra attention to the face, especially deepening the shadows around the eyes and mouth, and increasing the highlights where appropriate.

One thing i'm not happy with is the clear coat protective layer. I put a first coat of clear gloss finish, which made it shiny. I had read from a few people that they did this and then covered it with clear satin finish. I then coated it with clear satin finish, but it didn't dull the shine :( Oh well - live and learn. NEVER USE GLOSSY FINISH! (unless you're actually looking for shine, like a wet slimy monster or something). In fact, next time i think i'm going to try taking the pictures before i spray any type of finishing coat and see how that turns out.