The Mummy King
Oct. 2006
The first thing you might notice about this mini that's different from the others is that it's not shiny. I've discovered, at long last, the protective coat that all the good painters use - Testor's DullCote. It's available at most hobby stores (at least the train hobby stores), and Wal Mart even carries Testors brand (although I have yet to find DullCote on the shelf). Defiantly the way to go!

The second thing you might notice is that there's no icky red or blue around the bases. I've decided that the pieces should be sufficiently themed in their own right so that they don't need the red or blue marker to indicate their team.

This guy is the second to last piece in the chess game i'm painting for my father in law. All that's left now is the other king. Well, that, and then deliver them both in time for Christmas. Oh, and then actually hand-deliver the chess board next year when we go visit. It's been quite the journey, but i've learned a lot along the way, and am steadily increasing my skills for the project i've been waiting to do for over 15 years now...