Red Baroness
Feb. 2004
This is the Red Baroness figure from the Confrontation line of Rackham miniatures. They are 28mm scale figures and are very highly detailed. This is also my first Rackham miniature. Other than being extremely petite (I actually had to drill a hole and attach a wire so the sword would stop falling off), this is a beautiful sculpt. The detail is amazing.

This is the first mini where I tried some subtle lighting effects on the face. It really brings it to life. My wife really dislikes this image :) She wanted me to paint some paints on her, or at least give her a thong. But I wanted to paint the figure as it was sculpted to be, so she remains nude on the backside. I'm sure that if she weren't a mini, she'd have a few words to say about it, like "What were you thinking? How am I supposed to ride into battle with no pants?"

I'm very happy with how she turned out and wouldn't change a thing.