Angel of Death
Nov. 2003
This is Ral Partha piece 2530: Angel of Death. After a few years of painting, something finally clicked, and I now consider this my first mini that's halfway decent. This is an undead cleric that I did just for fun. I had just finished painting most of the knight pieces for my dragonchess set (and my father-in-laws chess set) and needed a break.

The original base was very small. In fact the miniature could barely stand on its own, so i glued it onto a 1" square base and added some putty to create a molten rock effect. After principal painting was finished, I decided to add some lighting effects from the molten rock. That's what the yellow and orange colors are supposed to represent. It might have turned out better, but overall I'm happy with it. For the backside, I used several shades of purple and blue for the robe, and then added yellow and orange highlights for the light effect.