Wizard - Castle of Deception
Aug. 2005
Darksword Miniatures
This guy is my first attempt at doing a white cloak. It didn't turn out too bad. I think I can do better next time though. It's also the first miniature that i've "modded". The hand that's holding the scroll was initially holding nothing. It looked very plain, so I pulled out some sculpey and made a little scroll.

The wizard is part of a small diorama I'm creating. He's summoning a water chaos beast to help him in a battle. I think that the face has a lot more depth than previous miniatures I've done. It's still not perfect; I have since learned a new eye technique that will be quite helpful. I also need to thin the paints more to get the details a little bit more smooth.

Overall, I'm quite pleased, and it was a lot of fun just painting a mini with no particular reason other than to try out some new techniques.