The Wounded Knight
Dec. 2003
This miniature deserves a medal. He's been to battle and survived ... although not unscathed. He was originally part of the chess set for my father in law. Apparently he didn't fare so well, because he came back to me in a box. Oh, and he had lost his arm, his lance, and his head. Oops!

I did the best I could. After several failed attempts at grafting back on the hand (it just couldn't support the weight of the lance, no matter how i tried to reinforce it), i gave up and wrapped him in some bandages.

As for the head. All i had that even came close was an Uruk-hai warrior, who gladly donated his head for the cause. It looks like our brave warrior has been to a witch doctor or perhaps a head shrink. ;)

May he have better luck next time he does battle!

I do have a few older images of the knight before he fell apart. Here's what he used to look like.